How To Change Shower Taps?

Showering at the end of the day is a form of rejuvenation for many. It acts as a stress-buster and helps to wash away the stress of the day. However, issues with the shower tap can lead to frustration. If it fails to function properly, you must replace it. But, for that, you will need to know how to change shower taps. It is vital to note that while dealing with this problem is relatively easy, you need to at least have some experience with plumbing.

Tools and Materials Needed to Change Shower Taps

Before knowing how to change shower taps, check out the tools and materials that you need to collect.

  • Allen key
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Water pump pliers
  • Cloth

Steps to Change Shower Taps

Do you want to know how to change shower taps? Check out the simple steps listed here.

Step 1: Switch off the water supply

The foremost step that you must do is shut off the water supply. For this, you must find the main valve which is present near the water meter. After that, open the taps to see if there is any water. In case any lingering water comes out, place a cloth directly beneath it.

Step 2: Unfasten the shower tap

In order to remove the shower tap, you must first loosen the rosettes. Beneath these, you will find the S-shaped pipe fittings. You must loosen the rings or nuts that secure it firmly in place. It will aid you in detaching the old shower tap.

Step 3: Use S-shaped pipe fittings

In this step, you must check out the water pipes that keep the shower taps in position in the wall. Keep in mind that the general distance between the cold and hot pipes is 16 cm. If you see any difference in the distance, you must correct it. For this, you will need the assistance of the S-shaped pipe fittings.

Step 4: Screw the S-shaped fittings

Now, place the S-shaped pipe fittings over the threaded ends present in the water supply pipes. Now, keep the rosettes over these pipes. After that, you can affix the S-shaped pipe fitting to the shower tap with the use of sealing washers and connecting nuts. Make sure that you use Teflon tape for added measure.

Step 5: Tighten the shower tap

Then, you must tighten the nuts of the shower tap. For this, you can use a wrench. In order to avoid damage to the nuts chrome, you can place a cloth over it. However, remember that you must not tighten it too much lest cracks appear.

Step 6: Turn on the water supply

After that, switch on the water supply and check if the damage is fixed. However, if the issue remains, you will need to get in touch with our shower repair plumbers.

Having Issues With Shower Taps? Attain Professional Aid Now!

There are multiple reasons that can lead to issues with the shower taps. It can be worn-out rings, or it can be due to a damaged gasket. Regardless of the cause, you must fix it immediately. Delaying it can eventually lead to leakage. That can ultimately cause water wastage and extensive water damage. Luckily, this is a simple job, but you must have minimum knowledge of how to change shower taps. But, if you are having difficulty, it is best to get in touch with the experts.

Plumbing Chatswood offers a wide array of plumbing services. We have a team of certified plumbers, technicians, and gas fitters with the required technical training needed to deal with different situations. Moreover, we use professional-standard tools and materials. Furthermore, we charge affordable price quotes and are available round the clock. Just give us a call, and we will be right there!

Top 4 Causes of Sewer Damage and Pipe Repair

Have you ever thought, in spite of you taking so much care about the drainage system, why there is sewer line damage? Well, there could be variety of causes that would lead to it. If you get in touch with the best Plumbing Service you can get them understand the problems that you face. In fact, these issues are such that it will cost you a lot, if you don’t become alert in the start.

What are The Top 4 Causes of Sewer Damage and Pipe Repair?

If you want to know about Top 4 causes of sewer damage and Pipe Repair then read on the information as given below:

  • Flushing The Toilet Papers and Other Items in your Toilet –

    The toilet bowl is meant for the feces and hence you must avoid putting in the toilet papers, diapers, medications and other things in it for flushing. Many people would put different things in the toilet and this could be the biggest causes of sewer damage.
  • Tree Roots –

    The roots of the trees sometimes grow to such an extent that the sewer line would get cracked and damaged. You must call for a Plumbing Service in an emergency. Tree roots can cause partial or complete clogs and damage in pipes. This can create issues in your normal life.
  • Putting Greasy and Oily Stuff in The Sink –

    Some people think that putting greasy and oily things in your bathroom or in the sink would be a good solution. But, this in fact, is one of the leading causes of sewer clogs and pipe damage.
  • Unexplained Causes –

    Sometimes, the drainage system would become slow and without any specific explanation this might happen. It might be because of fall that the leaves and soil might have got clogged in the sewer line. It would create issues for your sewer line. A clogged system is not good for your home in lines of your health and hygiene.

How to Seek The Right Solution?

When you come across even the smaller issues and signs of pipe damage or sewer line damage, you must call for a plumber who can help. You must also make potent changes in your garbage disposal techniques. When you come across the signs like bubbling toilet, waste water backup, foul smell from sewage, you must immediately take the relevant steps. You can use the plumbing snake yourself and try to remove the clog from the drainage system. But if you are not confident, then you must call an expert plumbing solution. Therefore, They have trained staff who know how to solve such problems.

Plumbing Solutions for Sewer Damage

If you feel that there’s sewer damage or pipe damage in your premise you can get in touch with Plumbers Mascot. We are pioneers in plumbing related solutions for Alexandria. Therefore, You will find our Plumbing Service useful for you, if you are facing pipe damage or sewer clogging issues.

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5 Common Plumbing Problems You Should Never Ignore

What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems

Common Plumbing Problems in your home are like an uninvited guest, but none of them should be ignored. Ignoring a leaking pipe today can cost you a lot in future. There are multiple plumbing problems and most of them end up damaging your home, if not fixed at the time. But it’s the reason for a lot of water wastage. It’s always best to fix your plumbing issues by experts rather than ignoring them.

Best Plumbing Service
Best Plumbing Service

Let’s Get to Know Some of The Common Plumbing Problems Signs That No One Should Ignore

  1. Leaking Taps/Faucets –

    Dripping or leaking taps are the most common yet most ignored plumbing issue just because it does not look serious. But even if your tap leaks 10 times a minute, it will end up wasting around three litres a day, or 1000 litres of water a year. Apart from that, a dripping tap is incredibly frustrating. Save water and save everyone from the annoyance. Call us quickly to get your leaking tap fixed.
  2. Broken Flush –

    If your toilet is continuously running, it signifies that your flush needs attention. It’s flushing away hundreds of litres of water a day. This amount of wastage is something serious and should not be ignored, yet so many people just act that nothing’s wrong. Running toilet issues can be easily fixed by repairing or replacing your toilet flusher. It’s important to save water by calling a plumber.
  3. Water Tints and Leaks –

    Water tints or leaks on your roof or your walls are indicating towards larger issues, damaged pipes are the reason behind it. It’s the most common plumbing problem in old homes and can cause rot mould, and dampness. It’s terrible for your home and health, it’s best to call plumbers. Get the help from experts and save your home from getting damaged.
  4. Low Water Pressure –

    If there is the low water pressure in a single tap it’s not serious and can be fixed easily but if multiple faucets/taps are producing low water pressure then you probably need to buy a new pressure regulator, it can also be a result of a major leak somewhere in your pipes. Call us to inspect and fix this for you because if there is a leak in pipes it can easily damage your beautiful house.
  5. Slow or Clogged Drains –

    Is water backing up in the kitchen or bathroom? Most of the time a slow or clogged drain can be fixed by pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain, putting some or work in with a plunger, but if this is not solving your issue then it’s time for you to call plumbers for your rescue.

Call Us For Common Plumbing Problems at Your Door  

Plumbers Mascot is a leading service provider for all kinds of plumbing related issues. We have a team of highly experienced plumbers. Each of our experts has been trained to handle all kinds of plumbing issues, Plumbers Mascot also provides emergency plumbers for customers who need serious attention.

We are easy to reach, simply dial our 24/7 helpline number and get an expert at your door. Call us now and never ignore a leaking tap or a clogged drain. We would love to serve you a call anytime.